Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D
Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D
Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D
Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D
Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D
Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D
Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D
Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D

Aston-AN 13 Containers 1D

EUR 79

Product code: 00018651

By order (from 15 business days)

Body colour: Oak Cremona/Cashmere

(+0.00 EUR)


width Width: 44 cm
height Height: 63 cm
depth Depth: 39 cm
weight Weight: 16.45 kg
  • Made of laminate,MDF
  • Laminate Platten 16 mm
  • ABS

  • The colour of the product shown in the picture may vary slightly, but the information in the product description is general, so possibly not all the characteristics of the product are mentioned.
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Body colour


Delivery fee in Riga - EUR 18 - 30 (bringing in the premises is not included).

Āgenskalns, Atgāzene, Bieriņi, Bišumuiža, Katlakalns, Pleskodāle, Salas, Šampēteris, Torņakalns, Ziepniekkalns, Zolitūde, Dzirciems, Iļģuciems, Imanta, Kleisti, Ķīpsala, Spilve, Voleri, Zasulauks, Čiekurkalns, Kundziņsala, Mežaparks, Milgrāvis, Pētersala-Andrejsala, Sarkandaugava, Vecmilgrāvis, Centrs, Vecrīga, Avoti, Dārzciems, Grīziņkalns, Ķengarags, Maskavas forštate, Pļavnieki, Škirotava, Brasa, Dreiliņi, Jugla, Mežciems, Purvciems, Skanste, Teika

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Beberbeķi, Mūkupurvs, Bolderāja, Daugavgrīva, Buļļi, Jaunciems, Mangaļsala, Trīsciems, Vecāķi, Vecdaugava, Rumbula, Dārziņi, Berģi,
Brekši, Bukulti, Suži
Ādažu, Garkalnes, Stopiņu, Salaspils, Ķekavas, Olaines, Mārupes, Babītes novadi

30.00 €

Pārējā Latvijas teritorija
35.00 - 59.00 €

FREE DELIVERY in Riga for purchases above EUR 999 (bringing in the premises is not included).
For an extra fee (starting from EUR 5) we can offer you bringing up/in of furniture.

Three possible ways to receive goods:
1. Door-to-door shipping, without bringing in the premises.
2. Door-to-door shipping, including bringing in the premises.
3. Without delivery (the customer receives his or her order at warehouse in Riga, Vagonu Street 19/21.

For receipt of goods, please inform us in advance on working days by phone:
(+371) 24888555.


  • Furniture is delivered disassembled in original packaging. Separate parts may be assembled.
  • Courier service providers (UPS,DPD and others) deliver bulky goods to the doorstep without bringing in to the required floor.
  • We do not provide bringing in furniture in cases, if there is too narrow staircase or inadequate door size or if the specifics of housing planning do not allow it. Please measure the length and width of the doorframes before bulky goods are purchased.
  • After placing an order, our manager will contact you in order to confirm the deal and agree on delivery time and type.
  • In Riga, delivery is provided within two business days of placing an order, but elsewhere in Latvia within five business days. If the selected items are out of stock, the order is executed within one to four weeks. In turn, if the goods are not also in the manufacturer's warehouse, execution of the order may take more than four weeks.

If the item you want to buy is out of stock and must be ordered on purpose, you will have to make a prepayment in the amount of 30% of the value of the item.

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